Can I read the Quran online? This is the question that most people have in their minds. So here we are with the answer to this question, that absolutely Yes. In this developing age, where everything is just far from one click. So why cannot do online Quran reading?
It’s fair to use facilities that have been given to you. And using these facilities in knowing about Islam and the Quran is the best way. We are here to provide you an easy and effective way of reading the Quran online through our experienced teachers.

The things that you are going to learn in this course are discussed below one by one.

  • Pronunciation
  • Joining the Arabic letters.
  • The basic rules of recitation.
  • Pronunciation: Quran pronunciation is a basic part of reading the Quran. Through an online Quran reading course, our teachers give you the proper guidance related to the pronunciation in reciting the Holy Quran.
  • Because pronouncing the letters of the Quran correctly is one of the major things that you can’t ignore. Our skilled teachers use many effective and most easy techniques to teach you the fundamental rules to pronounce the Quran.
  • They teach you from the very beginning ( Noorani Qaida) which helps you to understand and pronounce the Arabic letters.

Joining Arabic letters

To recite the Quran properly you should have some knowledge about Arabic letters. You have to memorize the Arabic letters and their sounds also.
So, through our online platform, you can easily start learning Arabic letters with their proper sounds and we will teach you that how to pronounce the Arabic letters properly and also how to apply that letter in the whole world.
Through this platform, you will learn how to read Arabic words. It is noticeable that in an alphabet all the letters do not contain a small or capital shape but they exist in one shape or form.

Some basic examples are:

The letter used for example.: Alif, Baa, etc. as rules are different for different letters.

  • Unique letters
  • Most common patterns
  • There are a group of letters that have similar shapes
  • The basic rules of Recitation:

One should start recitation of the Holy Quran by following some basic and important rules.
You should start any Aya from the Quran with the saying of “I seek refuge with Allah from the cursed satan”.
Being a Muslim you must do your best to recite the Quran in the way Allah sent it i.e. With Tajweed. To follow the rules of Tajweed while reciting Quran is very important and we will teach you all these rules properly.
It is a must for both for reader and listener to follow obediently while reciting the Quran. There are 14 places in the Quran to prostrate.
Stop your recitation at non-suitable condition because it is not suitable.

Here we explained some basic rules of Quran recitation and we will also guide you about all of them in our courses.