TQAPK is one of the best Islamic education centers working in the USA. Our Online Quran Academy provides a variety of Quran courses for enthusiastic learners. The team of certified and professional scholars guarantees high-quality Islamic education in a flexible environment. Our native Arabic speaking teachers are graduated from recognized universities of the Islamic world such as Al-Azhar University, University of Al-Qarawiyyin, Jamia Nizamia, Al-Madinah International University, and many others.

What is the aim of our online Quran academy?

TQAPK online academy has aimed to create a comfortable and flexible environment for learners of all ages to teach the Quran and Islamic studies. Our dedicated and punctual teachers infuse a quench of learning Islam and help you to become a good citizen of society. Become eloquent reader, educated commentator, and experienced speaker of the Quran by consulting our online Quran academy.

What are our salient features?

Enthusiastic and professional teachers who support new students to learn the Quran with a contemporary and engaging teaching method
We ensure the availability of the teachers according to the designed schedule of the students
A suitable platform for school going kids and learners of all ages, gender, and races
Interactive course outlines to improve reading, reciting, learning, memorizing, and writing skills of the learners

Start with Noorani Qaida for initial learners

Gentle and amicable communication medium to overcome communication barriers between both students and teachers
Experienced teachers speak in your native language for better understanding of lessons
One-on-one online Quran classes through Skype to put emphasis on individual student

Availability of male and female Quran teachers

Ensure correct identification and pronunciation of alphabets by applying Tajweed rules
If you are interested in learning the Arabic language, knowledge of the Quran, or Islamic studies, you can contact TQAPK online academy.