Why the scope of online Quran academies is growing all across the world?

The distance learning courses or e-learning is growing rapidly from the last few decades. The most appropriate reasons for choosing online sources to get quality Islamic education at your home are the flexibility of time and surveillance of expert teachers. Many online Quran learning sources are trusted by students and parents. Be careful for selecting a reliable online Quran academy for your kids.

Here are a few reasons to explain the importance of online Quran teaching platforms.

  1. Appropriate timetable:

It becomes burdensome for most of the students especially kids to go to a mosque because their jam-packed routine makes them tired. On the other side, the kids can freely take online Quran classes from their homes on their available time.

  1. Reduce cost:

The online Quran learning reduces the cost of the learners due to a variety of reasons. The students are free to go to a mosque or madrassah that reduces transportation costs and fuel costs.

  1. Personalized attention:

Learning the Quran through online platforms offer personalized attention to students. In madrassah or mosque, hundreds of students are learning at once. Obviously, it is impossible for a teacher to pay attention to an individual student while 30 minutes of online Quran class is perfect for learners. It improves the chances of good performance.

  1. Safe and secure teaching platform:

The online Quran learning is secure for kids as well as for adults to seek knowledge from authentic scholars. The online database of students including personal information, teaching material, and essential documents are kept secure. Moreover, the students are free from physical violence like beating with sticks, turning ears, or slapping which is practiced in traditional Islamic education centers. Additionally, parents can also monitor their kids during lectures to overcome their doubts.

  1. Freedom to select male or female tutors:

The online Quran reading gives open choice to select trusted female or male Quran teachers. Many people never send their daughters or sisters to a madrassah because they do not consider it safe. Now, parents can choose female teachers freely to educate their daughters.

  1. Punctuality:

The best online Quran Academy ensures that their teachers should remain punctual. The dedication and punctuality are key ingredients to develop mutual understanding between students and teachers. If a teacher remains punctual, he/she can complete the designated course in less duration of time.

  1. Access to expert teachers:

The online Quran reading directly links students with skilled tutors to get a high-quality education. The online Islamic centers select experienced and professional teachers who are graduated from the top-tier universities of the world. An expert teacher helps to develop a deeper understanding of course. The dedicated teachers have full command of the subject to provide support for quick learning.

  1. Face-to-face learning:

All experienced online Quran academies offer virtual classroom learning facilities to learn in a flexible environment. The one-on-one live sessions help to overcome all the barriers and knowledge gaps for learning the Quran. The teachers can focus on the students for a better understanding of lectures.

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