Top 10 Qualities of Online Quran Tutors

When you start learning the Quran from online Quran teaching platforms, many questions come in your mind. For example, is it worthy to pay for online Quran classes? Will I get an experienced teacher? Whether I will be satisfied with their performance or not? Am I wasting m time? If you are planning to start taking online Quran classes, this article will direct light on the attributes of the Quran teachers. When you are paying the cost for this scared task, you must be aware of all the things. Online Quran tutors have many incredible qualities that we can never ignore. However, I have summarized some exceptional qualities in this article.

1# full proficiency on the subject:

Online Quran tutors have the right knowledge of the Quran. They are aware of every minute detail of the course teaching to the students. The Quran tutors guide in every matter of life according to Sunnah and Quran.

2# humble behavior:

Teaching the Quran is a very complicated job. It requires dedication and patience. All the learners can never learn all things in the same way. The students ask the same questions over and over again. That’s why a teacher is required to humble and gentle with students.

3# 24/7 availability:

Both female and male Quran tutors are always there for keen learners.  The teachers make sure that they adjust the timings of the class according to the availability and comfort of the students. Moreover, teachers make sure that their students can get access to them anytime they want.

4# honesty:

The Quran tutors are honest and determined to perform their duties. They understand the nobility of this professional. They never consider it a way of livelihood rather than teach Muslims to spread Islam.

5# experience:

The male and female Quran tutors are experienced and well-qualified from top tier universities in the world. They have vast experience in the field of teaching Muslims across the world. They are professionals and experts in dealing with all kinds of issues.

6# engaging teaching style:

The prominent feature of online Quran teachers is that they can engage the audience for a longer duration. They are trained in using the latest teaching methods to boost the interest of learners. They share entertaining lessons, short videos, and study-related stuff to engage the students.

7# speak in native language:

The male and female Quran tutors are professional speakers who can deliver lectures in native languages such as English, Urdu, or Arabic. It helps the students to directly communicate with the teacher without hesitation.

8# punctuality:

The most promising feature of online Quran teachers is their punctuality. They never miss their classes and encourage students to take classes regularly. In this way, students can quickly achieve their milestones.

9# individual attention:

The female and male Quran tutors focus on individual attention during one-to-one Skype sessions. They can pick up the weaknesses of students and work on it.

10# technology-oriented:

The Quran teachers are technology-oriented. They know how to use the internet and laptops for delivering lectures via audio-video streaming.

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