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Tafheem Ul Quran

Tafheem ul Quran Academy is a leading online Quran learning institute in the USA. The Holy Quran is a gift of Allah for Muslims. It is obligatory for all Muslims to learn and understand the Quran to lead a life according to Allah’s will. Our reputable Islamic education center is serving Muslims to learn the Quran in their comfort zone. We continuously explore new avenues to provide one-to-one Quran classes across the globe.

Start your one-on-one Quran classes with our expert tutors

Tafheem ul Quran Academy provides female Quran tutors for teaching our sisters and daughters. Now, female learners can openly ask questions to seek guidance from expert scholars. The memorization of the Holy Quran has become easy to learn via our online platform. We assist beginners in the correct identification and pronunciation of Arabic alphabets to make them fluent readers of the Quran.

 Learn and spread the knowledge of the Quran under the guidance of our dedicated tutors!

Our online Quran learning courses are available for learners of all ages and gender. Our no discriminatory policy has won the hearts of learners to get the best education at affordable rates. Alhamdulillah, our teachers are well-qualified to teach Quran Translation, Tajweed, Tafseer, and basic Islamic teachings in the light of Quran, Sunnah, and Hadith. The tutors follow alenient and strict learning strategy according to the situation. We support students to ask questions to clarify their concepts.

Our mission:

Our agenda is to facilitate Muslims all over the world without compromising on

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Comfort of their home

We are dedicated to spreading authentic knowledge of the Quran to facilitate our Muslim brothers and sisters.

This platform is suitable for learners of all ages and genders to find well-qualified male & female tutors for online Quran learning.

Our experienced tutors provide a convenient fast-learning environment for students to achieve their milestones in less duration.

Each language has rules that assist you to understand and speak the language properly

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Our services:
  • We offer multiple distant online Quran learning courses including online Quran memorization, reading, translation, Tafseer, and Tajweed classes for advance learners.
  • We use unique learning technology, conventional curriculum, and modern methods to make online Quran learning easier for our students.
  • We offer English, Pashto, Farsi, and Urdu speaking female & male tutors to learn the Quran in your native language.
  • We have made easy online Quran readingeducation for beginners by following a step-by-step approach according to the learning abilities of students.
  • We offer you the best environment to learn the Quran with no hesitation.
  • Additionally, we offer Urdu learning classes to people living in western countries.
  • We provide safe learning environment to students to improve their knowledge.

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Our male & female tutors are available 24×7 to teach online Quran to students. Connect your PC, tablet, and mobile phone to high-speed DSL or Broadband internet connection to start online Quran classes. We offer 1-week free trial online Quran learning classes. Register with us today to learn the Quran at affordable rates!

What We Offer

Our Services

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Female Quran Tutor

In Tafheem UL Quran online academy, multiple Quran courses are available like Online Quran for kids, online Quran Translation course, online Quran memorization, advance Tajweed course, and the Online Quran for beginners. We have qualified male and female Quran Tutor that have several years of experience....

Online Quran Learning

Are you in search of an amazing platform where you or your children can get online Quran Learning? So here we are with one of the best online Quran academy from all over the world. No matter what’s your age or you are a new Muslim or born Muslim. We are always there for you to give you better and quality Online Quran Learning...

Online Quran Academy

TQAPK is one of the best Islamic education centers working in the USA. Our Online Quran Academy provides a variety of Quran courses for enthusiastic learners. The team of certified and professional scholars guarantees high-quality Islamic education in a flexible environment. ..

Online Quran Reading

Can I read the Quran online? This is the question that most people have in their minds. So here we are with the answer to this question, that absolutely Yes. In this developing age, where everything is just far from one click. So why cannot do online Quran reading? .....

Online Quran Tajweed

The word Tajweed means to improve and to make your recitation good and perfect. The Quran is the Holy book from Almighty Allah and we have to recite the Quran very seriously. The word Tajweed is a combination of rules that enables you to pronounce the Quranic words perfectly....

Online Quran Classes

With the advancement of technology, learning online Quran classes becomes much easier for every one of us. In this program, you will be able to start Quran learning and recitation of Quran effectively and correctly. You can conveniently read the Holy Quran with proper rules ...

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