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There are many noble professions in the world like teachers, engineers, doctors, civil servants, and many others. Everyone is master of his own field. For example, a doctor knows how to treat a patient but he never knows how to construct a dam. On the other hand, a person who memorizes the Quran by heart develops a deep understanding of various aspects of life. He knows how to deal with social, economical, personal, cultural, and religious problems. The memorization of the Quran changes life directly. Not only there is a reward for one memorizes the Quran but also for his parents as well. On the Day of Judgment, Allah will order two angles to crown the parents of those who have memorized the Quran.

Allah has blessed human beings with a strong capacity to memorize things. The human brain can store 2.5 petabytes of information while the chip of a computer can store only a few thousands of gigabytes of information. It motivates you to memorize and learn the Quran. There is nothing impossible in this world. If you are determined and stick to your goal, you will achieve it one day. The online Quran reading academies have experienced teachers that help the students in memorizing the Quran within a lesser duration.

The online Quran teaching academies offer convenient and beneficial services for beginners who have just decided to start memorizing the Quran. Moral support is important along with teaching. The teachers start from short surah preferably from the 30th chapter of the Quran. The learners are taught the grammatical rules and concepts of articulation to learn the Quran.

The most prominent benefit of the online Quran reading is the recitation of the Quran with accuracy by applying Tajweed rules. There are 10 famous Qiraat styles. The learners can freely any style of their choice. The application of Tajweed rules makes the recitation of the Quran eloquent and swift.

This face-to-face learning platform focuses on the attention of students. The practical demonstration of lessons assists students to understand it. The verse to verse memorization methods quickly strengthens the learning behavior of students. With individual support, the students can achieve their milestones quickly.

The online Quran memorization facilitates the students to take classes from home with expert teachers. This home-based learning saves your time and money. You can also focus on your daily life tasks. Moreover, in your free time, you can practice your lessons. However, the duration of memorization varies from student to student. It depends on the efforts you put into this work.

Sometimes the students forget the older memorization portion. The online Quran tutors keep on revising the lessons to establish a firm grip on memorizing the Quran. They revise lessons on a weekly basis to eliminate shortcomings. In the end, the students are given certificates.

I recommend online Quran memorization platforms to everyone to recite and memorize the Quran according to true Islamic rules. There is no difficulty in memorizing the Quran when you are under the right guidance.

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