Strengthen your belief by taking online Quran classes via Skype during COVID 19 pandemic

COVID 19 has become a global pandemic. Almost 213 countries and territories are affected by COVID 19 across the world. It has not only caused detrimental effects on health but also led to psychological issues among masses.  In this terrific situation, keeping ourselves busy is the one key to stay positive. The question arises how can we engage in positive activities when everything is closed? It does not matter what the circumstances are. Our religion ‘’Islam’’ has guidance for mankind in every situation. We can keep ourselves busy in learning the Quran. Likewise, it will very helpful for kids to take online Quran classes via Skype.

Flexible timetable:

The most promising feature of the online Quran classes is the flexibility of timings. The students are free to take classes at their designated time. The tutors are available all the time to teach students.

Availability of well-qualified teachers:

The most common advantage of online Quran classes is the availability of certified scholars. The academies have well-educated Quran tutors from renowned universities in the world. The online Quran teachers hold Ijazah certificates and have full command of the subject.

No chance of child abuse:

During online classes via Skype, you can directly monitor your kids. In madrassah, using abusive language, slapping on the face, and hitting with sticks are very common. On the other hand, you feel totally tension free from such things. The teachers are very gentle and amicable.

One-on-one classes via Skype:

Although there are many online platforms for taking Quran classes yet Skype is the most trusted one. During one-on-one sessions, the teachers focus on the weaknesses of the students. It has made two-way communication simple.

Smooth communication mode:

The teachers are not as harsh as it is observed in traditional means of learning. They are lenient and open to listen to student’s opinions. It develops a sense of trust and understanding. The students never feel shy to ask questions. The teachers address every issue according to the guidelines mentioned in the Quran and Hadith.

Interactive classes:

The teachers are highly concerned to use distance learning tools to make lectures interactive and engaging. They show short videos about the lives of prophets and arrange quiz sessions that build interest among students.

Focus on step-based learning:

The online Quran classes are designed on a step-based strategy. The beginners are taught Noorani Qaida with an increased focus on the identification of alphabets. First, the students are taught short verses, and then, gradually they move on long verses. The teachers focus on Tajweed and Qiraat style of the students.

Regular classes:

Sometimes you cannot drive to the mosque. As a result, your child suffers. Contrary, your kids can take regular classes. The teachers are also punctual and dedicate. This type of learning helps you to complete your course in a shorter duration of time.

Focus on Islamic values:

The main objective of learning the Quran is to seek knowledge of Islam. Besides teaching the Quran, the teachers also teach Islamic values, duas, prayer method, wazu method, and many other things.

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