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The learning of the Quran is a synergistic effort of both parents and teachers. No doubt, the teachers are very dedicated and sincere to teach Islamic knowledge but mark my words ‘’your kids are not going to be serious if you are not vigilant’’. That’s why I keep an eye on the progress report of my kids to make this process more swift and easy. Being a resident of the USA, it is always convenient for me to go for online classes rather than finding an appropriate time to take my kids to a mosque or madrasah.

I have two kids: a daughter and a son. Both of them are very naughty and perhaps all the kids are used to be mischievous in their childhood. I took them to madrasah near my house but after spending 6 months I realized that there is no progress in the learning abilities of my kids. I tried to find out the root cause and to my surprise, I came to know that their teacher was not paying attention to them. I asked him to put extra efforts but again the result was zero. I was very worried to teach them the Quran because in the western world it is very difficult to find a trustworthy and genuine Qari who can teach from home. Then I consulted an authentic online Quran academy that was providing the facility of online Quran teachers.

Get the qualified Quran teachers:

I was concerned about the authenticity of the Quran tutors. The qualified Quran teacher is an expert in Islamic knowledge and Tajweed. This behavior shows that the Quran tutor is certified in the respective field from a recognized Islamic institute.

Set timings according to your preference:

I had a one-on-one video call session with the Quran tutor in which I told him about the current situation of my children. The teacher informed me about the plan that he is going to follow. Likewise, I also communicated him to set an appropriate time for the online Quran class from home which is favorable for both of us. We agreed on 4:00 pm.

Interactive teaching methods engage the students:

The communication skills of the Quran teacher are very benign and gentle. He talks with affection. He is strict and lenient according to the situation. I think this is the best way to keep the attention of kids. Additionally, he has mixed traditional and modern Quran teaching methods that are mind-blowing. The online Quran class for kids is a tempting idea to get Islamic knowledge by staying at home. The tutor has infused an unquenchable thirst for learning the Islamic knowledge in my children. My kids actually wait for the Quran class. They are enthusiastic to get to know about the life stories of different Prophets and Shaba.

The Quran tutors focus on individual student:

Through face-to-face online Quran class from home, the tutor can pay attention to the individual student. I am happy that the teacher identified the weak areas of my kids and worked on it. The identification of letters was the biggest problem of my son. The Quran teacher started from Noorani Qaida because it contains preliminary and basic information to develop an understanding of the Arabic language.

Improves the Quran reading skills of students:

It has been more than two months and I can see a clear cut difference in my kids. Besides the identification of letters, joining the letters and pronouncing them correctly is also very important. Mashallah! The Quran teacher focused on the Tajweed and orthoepy of words. The teacher has used multiple techniques to make the Arabic language easy for students. He started with a slow pace and give only sufficient lessons that is absorbed by students easily. After acclimating them in this environment, the Quran teacher focused on the eloquent reading of the Quran. The online Quran classes for kids are the best platform for both schools going children and working parents because you can avail of this facility from home.

The online Quran teachers are always punctual:

The Quran tutor teaches for 1 hour and I think it is sufficient time for children. I must say that he is punctual and regular to perform his duty. This is the best quality of an experienced teacher.

Parents can also monitor their children:

As I have already mentioned that in the madrasah I could not examine the teaching methodology of the Quran but the internet offered an outclass solution to this problem. Now I can monitor my kids thoroughly. Moreover, I also consult with the Quran teacher to focus on the weak areas of my kids.

The online Quran academy has satisfied me with the superlative services at extremely affordable rates. Alhumdulillah! My kids can recite the Quran eloquently and memorize it effectively.

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