How online Quran academies are prominently better than home tutors?

How online Quran academies are prominently better than home tutors?

This is the age of the computer. Our generations are influenced by leading technologies taking place in the world. The world is changing its dimensions for learning and teachings. The physical classrooms are replacing with digital classrooms. All these changes have changed our perceptions as well. Today, people prefer to find ease and facility in everything. For example, you are busy in your office from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and after that all you need is rest; you pick up your mobile and order food via the website. In just a few minutes your food and all that stuff will be at the doorstep.

Likewise, people preferably find an authentic online Quran academy to get high-quality Islamic education in a comfortable environment. There are many advantages associated with online Quran classes. For example, you can take classes from home; you are free from struggle to go to a mosque, and many others. Is does not matter whether you are going to a madrassah or learning the Quran from an online source, your aim is accomplished in both conditions. Here is a brief description of the advantages that you can get after considering online classes:

1#: Accessibility to professional teachers:

The biggest advantage of taking online Quran classes is that you get a qualified, experienced, and professional Quran teacher. On the other hand, it is hard to find an authentic and certified teacher that could home to teach your kids. The online Quran reading becomes easy under the surveillance of experienced teachers by using interactive teaching tools and methods.

2#: Special attention to every student:

As the online Quran teachers follow a one-to-one session through Skype to teach students, every student is provided intensive attention. Studying in the form of groups in mosques decreases the chances of attention on a student that he needs. It creates a barrier between students and teachers. Through online learning, a student gets emotionally attached to a teacher and feels open to ask any question. Similarly, the teacher also devotes all his efforts to the learner. For example, if you are taking online Quran translation, a teacher will be assigned to you who will focus to eliminate your shortcomings for understanding the meanings of verses.

3#: Affordable platform:

The private home tutors charge excessive fees, especially in non-Muslim states. It puts a burden on your pocket. Why not is it favorable to find a certified Quran teacher in nominal rates? The professional and authorized online Quran academy offers attractive features at affordable rates.

4#: Freedom of time and regularity of teachers:

The flexibility of timetable is the most exalted feature of the online Quran classes. It becomes easy for school going kids to manage things. As both learners and teachers select an appropriate time, it becomes easy for them to be there to take classes. The punctuality of a teacher affects the learning behavior of the students. The competitive Quran sticks to the schedule to develop a fervor and habit to learn the Quran.

5#: Vast variety of courses:

The online Quran teaching platforms offer a wide variety of courses. The online Quran translation course helps the learners to understand the Quran by focusing on teaching the Arabic language. In the Quran memorization course, students memorize the Quran. In Tajweed course, the students are taught to apply Tajweed rules to recite the Quran eloquently. Similarly, there are Ijazah courses, Quran recitation courses, and many others.

6#: Interesting teaching method:

The online Quran reading platforms use interactive and engaging teaching methods to benefit learners especially kids. The teachers love to share Quranic stories in the form of videos. The students quickly absorb the lessons. It has been observed that home tutors lose the interest of kids by sticking to traditional means of teaching.

7#: Safe, secure, and non-violent platform:

The teachers are observed very violently harsh to the students in traditional means of teaching. The use of harsh language, pulling ears, or beating is considered as child abuse. All this is due to a lack of education and confined vision. Even modern-day research supports this fact. On the other hand, the online Quran teaching platform provides the safest options for parents to monitor their kids during class. The online nature of teaching eliminates all kinds of concerns related to child abuse. This prominent feature is increasing the popularity of online Quran teachers.

8#: Focus on the Quran recitation:

The online Quran teachers sharply focus on the identification of the Arabic alphabet. Once, a learner has learned to identify alphabets, the teachers focus on the application of Tajweed rules. It does not matter which Qiraat style you prefer, there are certified teachers to fulfill the requirements of the learners.

Truly, the online Quran academies are not less than a blessing for Muslims to lean the teachings of Allah mentioned in the Quran.

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