Client Review: Take online Quran Classes to Learn Quran from your Home

I have two sons and a daughter. I came to the USA almost 6 months ago. I came from Saudi Arabia so, learning English was a major concern. The native language of my children is Arabic. I searched to find an authentic and Arabic speaking teacher from the last four months but I could not find a reliable teacher. In Saudi Arabia, Islamic education was not an issue but in the USA it is the major problem because the culture is entirely different. Once, I took my children to a Mosque for reading the Quran but due to cultural differences, it was becoming deteriorating for children to learn. Then my maternal aunt suggested an online Quran learning platform and I found it satisfactory too.

Get experienced Quran teachers who speak your native language:

The experienced teacher knows the Arabic language and teaches my children in the native language. Hence, my children can effectively understand the Quran. My children are acclimated to this environment in just a few days. Through verified online Quran teachers, I was satisfied with the quality Islamic education of my children. The online Quran academy TQAPK blessed me with a certified and professional teacher from Pakistan. I selected 5:00 am as a suitable time for online classes because it was convenient for all of us.

A daily lesson plan is based on the mental abilities of students:

The lesson plan is based on the learning skills of the students. The teacher teaches abridge yet detailed lessons to students that are easily perceived by students. There is no need to install specific software to start online classes rather than this I take online classes from Skype. The teacher knows very well about audio and video skills to effectively deliver the class by using modern techniques. The interactive classrooms are designed to engage students during the online Quran classes. Moreover, I was glad that the teacher maintained the attendance record of the students.

The dedicated Quran tutors make students an effective reader of the Quran:

I know that it is very difficult to handle students especially boys through an online platform but the Quran mentor is doing this job very beautifully. He is accommodating where it is needed and at the same time he is very strict. No doubt, a good teacher knows all the tactics to build the interest of students. Through the online Quran classes, I have become tension-free from taking my children to any Madrassah.

Individual attention is guaranteed to every student by professional teachers:

The qualified teacher emphasized on Tajweed and the pronunciation of words. As learning the Arabic language was not the biggest concern for my children, the teacher focused on the eloquent recitation of the Quran. The TQAPK academy provides a safe learning environment where parents can directly monitor their students. On top of that, the online Quran teacher keeps on updating me about the performance of my children. I highly recommend this online learning platform because it ensures the progress of your children.

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